• Veneer Edgebanding

It is infinitely long veneer by finger jointing those cut and selected veneers like the crossed fingers via the finger-joint machines with a layer of backed non-woven textile, then for sanding, cutting, and rolling. It could improve production efficiency, and remedy the defects of natural veneers of obvious seams caused by not enough length. We adopt Germany imported KUPER machine for production of edge banding veneer and mold wrap veneer. Major specifications are: Infinite length x (15-60mm) Width x (0.25-5mm) Thickness

Major application: mechanical edge banding for furniture, doors, and cabinet. Size of profile-wrapping veneer: infinite length x (60-300 mm) Width x (0.25mm-5mm) Thickness Major application: Wrapping for door and window frame, molding, skirting, and so on.

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